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  • beads bracelet gold
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  • beads bracelet gold
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beads bracelet gold


It finished more easily combined with such as you have in the jewelry and watches.




glassbeads,14kgfbeads,brass(18kgp no-nickel),Nisijin silk

Silk of being used to tassel,uses the one of the same factory as the thread that is used to Nishijin of Kyoto.
It was dyed specially in the craftman's some staining.


Please keep in mind that those who are allergic to the above material.
When you feel an abnormality in the skin,please consult to discontinue use specialists.
We use material that extends,but when removed wearing is not, please use without lengthening.
Since the silk and silver thread is hard to take and get the habit,when put away is especially please take care.
Depending on your smartphone and computer setting and the environment,thereis a sight change in the appearance of your colors(especially blue system).
If your anxiety,please consult once before.
Other question point,if you have any consultation such as the cleaning and maintenance,please do not hesitate to contact me.

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